Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week 14 Prompt


In the movie The Jane Austen Book Club, Kathy Baker's Bernadette says, "Jane Austen is the perfect antidote to life!" While most of you would agree and will go on loving Jane for years to come, there may be times when the Austen craze annoys you. Here's your chance to have a Jane Austen rant.


oh man. here it is. the rant blog.

i entirely hate how most of the novels end. i feel like i deserve more, after reading so much, they always end abruptly. her novels end so happily, after so much drama and terrible things happen to her characters, why cant we have more of the good parts, and not just a summary at the end?

at times, austen can be a little long-winded. i wonder if she spoke like most of her character do (forever). i feel like her books could be half as short, but still effective and enjoyable.

i also feel like most of the time, her heroines just settle for whoever. why cant they wait and find their true perfect match? i mean, for how much austen writes, you'd think some actual legit guy would come around. but no. its always like, well, i guess i can marry you, since everyone else sucks by comparison.

otherwise, good reads.

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