Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week 12 Prompt


If you were to pick your perfect spouse from a Jane Austen character, who would it be, and why? Is your chosen, "perfect spouse" character, different from the type of person you in reality date? If so, which Jane Austen character is most like the type of person you end up dating, and how and why do you think this is different than your "perfect spouse"?


i would really like to date mr bingley (the only side effect being his sister...i think i could take her in a fight though). he's nice to everyone, it doesnt matter what class or status. he also seems shy, but i find shyness in guys endearing. his only drawback, besides his sister, which he cant help, is that he is probably too passive--he's easily influenced by ms bingley and darcy. sadly enough, the people i usually end up dating (if you can call it that) are wickhams, willoughbys, and eltons. a mr. bingley type would be a nice change of pace. why are these men different than my "perfect spouse?" probably because i am too much like fanny in the dating aspect: i see the guy i like, but dont do anything about it. : )

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