Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week 6 Prompt


What would Emma's Facebook look like? (who wouldn't choose this one?)


emma's profile picture would be a picture of only her, probably a three-quater profile. nothing too flashy, but provoking enough for people to add her (since her page would be private, of course). She would write on someone's wall everyday, most likely mrs weston, and have all the popular applications. especially top friends, which would probably be edited every month or so. emma would have definitely been extremely upset about the switch from old to new facebook, and probably would have signed the petition against it. her notes would be every once in a great while, because she's too busy commenting on her friends photos and statuses. she would like to check her notifications at least three times a day, but limits herself to once a day, so as not to over-indulge.


  1. I like the "facebook restraint" of your version of Emma's FB. Yes, her page would be private, and she would only write on other people's pages (for the most part) to be polite (like her visits to the Bates's and her party for Mrs. Elton).

  2. she would also probably create a group dedicated to collecting good literature poetry for harriet. :)