Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week 5 Prompt

It is clear that the character of Fanny Price in Rozima's film is much different from the Fanny in Austen's novel, Mansfield Park. How does this change the story? Do you tend to feel more sympathetic towards the film version of Fanny or the novel version and for what reasons? Do you think the film portrays the ways in which Austen's readers would have liked Fanny to act or do you think the film completely distracts from the truth of the novel by changing her so much?

changing fanny's character in the movie "based on" mansfield park, for me, made her more likable. i enjoyed fanny's character in the book, but thought the movie placed her in a more amiable light that more people could relate to. being an aspiring novelist, im not too partial to having a movie screenplay destroying its novel counterpart, but as a whole, mansfield park when looked at as a movie retains the spirit. i do however feel more sympathetic to the movie fanny (and also feel that the novel fanny wouldnt like sympathy): her wit and humor is cute and the obvious dislike the others have for her makes her even more likable. while avid fans of austen are sure to be displeased with any changes a movie makes on the novel, there is still a good amount of aesthetic value the movie holds. the way in which movie fanny behaves is the way i would like the novel fanny to act.

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